Got a letter from the Tax Man?

As soon as you get a letter from the Tax Man you need to understand what is happening and how you need to deal with this. At this moment the last thing you want to do is wait until the morning or even worse after the weekend.

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Need help getting the Tax Man off your back?

Former tax inspector Lindsay Henson’s reputation is second to none in providing expert tax and VAT investigation advice.

It is always a shock to receive a letter from HMRC telling you an investigation has been opened into your tax affairs. If you need an experienced adviser to handle all types of Inland Revenue tax investigations and offer expert advice and support on all aspects of a tax investigation, Lindsay should be your first port of call.

Initially we need to deal with a tax investigation quickly, taking control rather than following HMRC’s lead- which can often contain errors.
Lindsay is experienced in tax law and HMRC investigation procedures and can take over the reins in any HMRC tax investigation, even if they are already underway. It is never too late for Lindsay to intervene.

Her in-depth and expert knowledge allows her to undertake the most complex tax cases involving all types of HMRC tax investigations including tax fraud, tax evasion, tax avoidance and VAT investigations.

Giving Lindsay a call will:

  • allow you, and your firm, to continue with your business knowing that your HMRC tax investigation is being managed correctly and efficiently
  • provide a low cost access to expert tax investigation knowledge and experience
  • pass the worry and strain of a HMRC tax enquiry or Inland Revenue tax investigation onto a tax investigation expert, who can deal with matters on your behalf, leaving you to get on with your life
  • limits the possibility of tax investigations spreading
  • deals with the risks of serious tax fraud investigations

With over twenty five years of experience, with Lindsay you are in safe hands. She has seen it all before. You won’t be the first person under a tax investigation and you certainly will not be the last.

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Civil investigation of fraud enquiries (CIF)

A COP9 tax investigation under the CDF is HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) method of tackling suspected cases of serious tax fraud.

Self-assessment enquiries or compliance checks for the self employed

An investigation by HMRC can be very disruptive and expensive: that’s why Lindsay works to resolve matters quickly and secure the best results for individuals and businesses.

Company tax investigations

Corporate tax investigation conducted by HMRC Local Compliance usually takes one of two forms that being aspect tax investigation or full tax investigation.

Employer compliance (PAYE) reviews, status & IR35 disputes

The increasing burden on employers to be unpaid tax collectors is immense and it is easy to fall foul of new PAYE legislation.

Amnesty & Voluntary Disclosures

If you or your business have underpaid tax, either unintentionally through simple error or deliberately by understating or failing to declare earnings, you can make a voluntary disclosure to HMRC to rectify the situation.

VAT disputes

VAT investigations are typically triggered either if a routine VAT inspection uncovers irregularities, or as a result of out-of-pattern declarations and repayment claims, or if you operate in a sector deemed “high-risk” by HMRC.

National Insurance/ Minimum Wage Enquiries by HMRC

The national minimum wage is policed and enforced by HM Revenue and Customs and sets minimum hourly rates that employers must pay their workers.

Liechtensein Disclosure Facility (LDF)

The LDF is a unique opportunity offered by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for taxpayers with undisclosed offshore accounts to regularise their tax affairs up to the end of the last filed tax year.

Lindsay offers highly competitive hourly rates or cost effective fixed price arrangements – a personal confidential service at a fair price

  • Lindsay Henson’s talents with tax are second to none. She is fast fearless and phenomenally clever – a formidable ally. They don’t come any better that Lindsay and now with the book everyone can have the benefit of her invaluable advice.–Julie Peasgood, Actress and TV Presenter