STALEMATE in my dispute or enquiry, How can I get a mediator or get HMRC to listen to me!!

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

HMRC’s  Website explains how to move a case forward if you are at Stalemate!

Ask Lindsay how to go forward best with this and achieve your goals on 07584 706664 it’s not without it’s problems!

How ADR works from HMRC’s website

A HMRC mediator who has been trained in mediation skills and techniques will work with you and the HMRC officer dealing with your case.

They will help you both explore ways to resolve your dispute, including helping you:

  • focus on the areas that ...
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Will I go bankrupt ?

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Not if we can:-

  1. Achieve a fair and reasonable settlement by agreement with HMRC
  2. HMRC, believe it or not, only want a fair offer and the RIGHT amount of tax – no more!
  3. Interest adds to the charges as it’s merely Commercial Restitution, meaning they treat you has having had an interest free loan from them and want the interest back to the day the tax should have been paid – there’s nothing we can do about that!
  4. Penalties can be heavy at up ...
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Will I go to Jail ?

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Not unless you have already been taken up as a fraud case, interviewed and cautioned. In normal Code 9, Code 8 or Enquires, provided you assist HMRC with the case throughout and work with them to resolve matters efficiently, you will settle by a monetary settlement often with time to pay .

Support, stress relief and cost-effective settlements are my forte

Ring to talk about your options


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