The Contractual Disclosure Facility (CDF)

Have you received a letter from HMRC telling you that it is investigating your tax affairs under Code of Practice 9?

Has HMRC asked you to make a full disclosure of your tax affairs?

Are you being investigated under the Contractual Disclosure Facility (CDF)?

If so you need the speedy advice of an expert .

A COP9 tax investigation under the CDF is HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) method of tackling suspected cases of serious tax fraud. If HMRC believes that you have committed serious tax evasion, it will write and invite you to sign up to the new disclosure facility by way of a contract.

The contract represents an agreement between you and HMRC. In return for your cooperation and full disclosure of your omitted taxes, it agrees not to prosecute you. The cooperation has to last until the disclosure is complete, and HMRC will expect you to adhere to strict time limits. Failure to meet deadlines without good reason could result in HMRC withdrawing the agreement and commencing a criminal investigation into your affairs.
If you have received one of these letters then you have only 60 days to respond with a written disclosure. You should seek expert advice in the first instance to understand what HMRC thinks you have done wrong.

Lindsay Henson will act quickly so call her 24/7 hotline. She is straight talking and will review your tax affairs with you and help to identify any issues you may have, and how you can put those issues right.
She will attend meetings with HMRC on your behalf and will negotiate and issues of of omitted tax and penalties to ensure you do not pay more than you owe.

The COP 9 procedure can be stressful, intrusive and prolonged. We will help make the process as quick and pain free as possible so you can complete your disclosure and move on. With 25 years experience of Tax Investigation dispute resolution she is the one to have onside at an affordable price.
Wherever you are in the process, with or without your own accountant she will provide a fresh approach and a much needed solution.

Voluntary Disclosures under the CDF process

The CDF is also available for people who believe they may not have paid all the taxes that they owe, and would like to sort out their tax affairs. You can apply to enter into the CDF and make a full disclosure of any omitted taxes. There is now a form available online for this purpose. It is not for the uninitiated and a quick call to Lindsay will put your mind at rest and take away the doubt and fears you may have.