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Are you in a Disguised Remuneration tax avoidance scheme or Contractor Loan Arrangement and now seeking to exit and settle your UK tax affairs once and for all?

  • These can be Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs), Employer Financed Retirement Benefit Schemes (EFRBS) or Contractor loans.

HMRC have some favourable terms for settlement but time is running out and you need to register fast by 31/3/18

Some of the new terms affecting you are:

The net amount received (typically as a loan) only is the amount that is taxable;

Where an employee seeks to settle but the company no longer exists, the employee will not have to pay any NICs.

Interest is payable where HMRC has an open enquiry or is within time to open an enquiry or an assessment is already in place;

Penalties may not be charged at all or can apply depending on the circumstances and type of scheme entered into;

Time to Pay over a number of years is being offered to many

Want to settle??  well you need to be registered with HMRC by 31 May 2018 and required information sent to by HMRC by 30 September 2018.

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