Do I have to go to meeting with HMRC?

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Do I have to go to meeting with HMRC

Can they insist on an interview with me?

Whilst HMRC very often request a meeting with you in writing, putting fear running through your veins in a Civil enquiry situation, this is entirely voluntary on your part.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO IT IS VOLUNTARY !!

It is generally best avoided as they are most likely to gain from it and you are not!

Provide the information they are seeking by correspondence wherever possible or send you adviser to the meeting.

Specialists like Lindsay can meet with HMRC for you as a confident, well versed and experienced person heading off all questions on your behalf and this can be cost effective and speedy way of cutting out months of correspondence to and fro.

Obviously In more serious cases where there is a tax crime investigation HMRC can request an interview under caution, where all of the facts will be questioned with a view to criminal prosecution. Here you need to be represented by a specialist tax investigation lawyer.


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