Dog Breeders and the Tax man – It’s the talk of Crufts

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For all those dog owners proudly showing at Crufts this week I wish them all the luck in the world …. However despite all the hard work, miles travelled and expenses involved, the talk in the background will be of the taxman’s appalling attitude in inferring this is a lucrative trade!

The pride in their breed may be tempered with fear of being found out as HMRC letters continue to drop on the mat!

Will one be waiting for you on your return ?

Will the taxman or woman be chatting to stall holders there and watching and listening how breeders operate at the show? After all many of them own pets and are dog lovers themselves!

Will cash be changing hands on trade stands will catalogues be taken home and scrutinised for breeders names to follow up?

You may not be the only winner at Crufts !

You may be innocently swelling HMRC’s coffers too.


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