Dog Breeders caught in the tax net

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A couple of years ago HMRC Officers uncovered fraudsters selling puppies on a mass scale and for a huge profit, but because of the underground nature of the activity – many had failed to declare their sales.

HMRC has recovered almost £6 million in lost taxes from hundreds of cases since the formation of their dedicated taskforce.

Of those breeders and traders targeted, they include:

  • two unconnected puppy breeders in the west of Scotland who were handed tax bills of £425,000 and £337,000
  • a puppy breeder in the Midlands who was former Crufts judge, given a £185,000 bill
  • a dealer in Northern Ireland told to pay £185,000 in tax
  • a Somerset puppy breeder was given a £114,000 bill
  • a puppy dealer in the east of Scotland was handed a tax bill in excess of £400,000
  • a Swansea puppy breeder was given a £110,000 tax bill

But not all dog breeders fall into the realms of puppy farmers or those treating the dogs poorly. All of those who have come my way over past years were dog lovers and believed quite genuinely that they had not made sufficient profit to pay tax or that it was a hobby.

Most came to realise that the hobby had grown out of all proportion and many fell into the VAT trap too, making the tax take far larger. But by then they were too scared to come forward.

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