Don’t Get Named and Shamed

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As part of the crackdown by HMRC on tax evaders, Form 20101 HMRC have been able to publish details of people and companies found to have deliberately evaded tax (‘deliberate defaulters’) where more than £25,000 is at stake.

The details they may publish include:

• name of the person/company

• address

• nature of the business

• amount of tax evaded

• the penalty charged for the tax evasion.

These details appear on HMRC’s website and this information will consequently be in the public domain and be available to all, including the media, meaning there is potential for adverse publicity for the individual and any associated business.

Having such details published can be avoided if the maximum reduction in the potential penalty is given. In reality this means that a full disclosure is made to HMRC, either unprompted or immediately when challenged and co-operation is fully given throughout their enquiries.

In my experience my clients have always had the enquiry conducted to the highest standard to ensure the best possible outcome for them whilst allowing the client to benefit from no naming and shaming.


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