Employee Benefits – the tax law relating to expenses payments and benefits.

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HMRC Booklet 480(2016)
Sets out to explain to people everything you need to know regarding Employee Benefits in Kind!!

If you find it too mind blowing to decipher contact Lindsay the expert on Employee travel, Entertaining expenditure and company cars!! Etc etc

The booklet explains the tax law relating to expenses payments and benefits received by:
• directors
• employees in areas such as

 Cars and vans available for private use

 Fuel provided for company cars and vans  

 Pooled cars

 Beneficial loan arrangements  


 Entertaining expenses

Provision of living accommodation

Mobile phones and BlackBerrys

Employment related securities and arrangements

Guidance on completion of forms P11D

Don’t get caught in the tax trap of thinking items are not taxable!! Some may be tax free but a call to Lindsay will answer you queries!



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