The increasing burden on employers to be unpaid tax collectors is immense and it is easy to fall foul of new PAYE legislation. All employers face ever more complex challenges so Lindsay’s experience as an adviser can help keep you up to date and aware of HMRC interventions.

PAYE Inspections, PAYE Healthchecks and Status challenges by HMRC are her specialty so call for help and a free no obligation meeting.

With the ever increasing volume and complexity of the PAYE and Benefit in Kind rules and regulations, it is not surprising that on occasion employers find it difficult to ensure full compliance with their PAYE obligations.

Unexpected liabilities can arise, obligations to file documents can inadvertently be missed or situations might arise when there is genuine doubt as to what the correct tax position is.

PAYE compliance checks can often result in HMRC claiming additional tax to be due, with interest and penalties also being sought often going back over many years. Unexpected liabilities claimed to be due by HMRC can amount to very significant sums, especially where HMRC seek to assess earlier years.

How we can help

Lindsay Henson is highly experienced in employment tax matters, assisting employers across all areas of the PAYE regime, with a focus on ensuring that clients are fully compliant. Occasionally however, liabilities may have been missed, resulting in negotiations with HMRC to quantify and settle the liability.

For a PAYE Healthcheck or help getting the taxman off your back call her on 07584 706664

HMRC Enquiries re IR35

Should you be unfortunate enough to find yourself in the midst of an IR35 dispute with HMRC we can advise you on tactics and arguments to defend your position, or alternatively you can appoint us to represent you and defend you against any dispute with HMRC directly.

As an Ex-Tax Inspector Lindsay does not enter into “cosy” relationships with any local tax office, but defends your position vigorously and handles your IR35 Enquiry objectively and proactively.

Her adversarial nature has proven successful time and time again and resulted in many clients being spared the ordeal of having to appear at a Tribunal.

HMRC are attacking IR35 with a new set of regulations in the coming year so watch this space for news of their potential onslaught once it is put into print and practice!