Help for Accountants Don’t have your own tax investigations specialist? Read this!

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Lindsay Henson Ltd is regularly instructed by many firms, from local small practices with no in-house tax specialism to UK-wide national firms that need her specialist help or practical support based on her own experience from both within HMRC and on the outside. Sometimes just a quick second opinion is needed, or a free of charge phone call can help but often more lengthy assistance is required if say a conflict of interest arises and an outside expert can deal with the matter speedily and cost effectively for everyone’s benefit. Lindsay can give many examples of these circumstances where her intervention has provided by far the best outcome all round.

He work is not only affordable, as underpinned by her wealth of BIG CITY knowledge and experience but she feels it’s the right way to provide these services through her reasonable and negotiated fee levels.

Call her on 07584 706664 as no job is too small or too large and  she will always work with you to meet you own firm’s needs with her own flexible solutions.


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