Lindsay is experienced in providing cost effective support to other smaller firms of accountants and can offer a variety of services. Tax investigations need technical know-how and can take up a lot of your valuable time and resources. The back up of a specialist, like Lindsay, can take the pressure off you, help you retain your client and enable the best possible tax settlement to be negociated. Lindsay has 30 years experience in tax investigations on both sides of the fence and is happy to give you a fixed discounted quote below her normal client rates. She will also give you a free 10 minute help line service for those sticky little queries that arise occasionally.

Lindsay can

  • Advise you on HMRC powers
  • Help you with your tactics
  • Assist with disclosures and cases of suspected serious fraud.
  • Carry out the investigation or just support you while you handle it
  • Help with PAYE settlements and health checks
  • She has much information to hand about business results in all sectors and how these compare to your clients accounts eg. Gross profit rates business economics statistics.

Before you settle your own investigation, call Lindsay to find out whether HMRCs demands are reasonable or if he is overstepping the mark. Regain the initiative and control in the enquiry and make sure you know your clients rights. Maintain a good relationship between you and your client by using Lindsay as an intermediary.

For a free, competitive quote, call Lindsay (01482 655009) who will be pleased to meet with you.