Help with Tax investigations – Covid19 Tax Issues

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Covid19 aids HMRC investigative tactics
How do HMRC intend to select cases for enquiry?

Make a voluntary disclosure before they come to you.

Did you apply for the Self Employed SEISS grant?

Well if so, this means HMRC were able to take a long hard second look at the profits you have declared in the past three years at least!

Profit just under the VAT threshold year on year?

Profit under the tax-free personal allowance threshold or below the minimum wage levels?

Child Tax Credits claimed to enhance low incomes

Has your file been flagged up and set aside for a future enquiry

Questions to be asked!

We can expect to see increased enquiries in the next couple of years as HMRC seek to recover the tax due to their coffers!

A voluntary disclosure of anything you feel has affected your tax liability can save you money, time and stress

Call Lindsay to help make that full disclosure now and get you on a sound footing for future.


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