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Stuck in the middle with you ! The taxman

HMRC Return to the fray and re-start the enquiries paused under Covid19

Do you need help to get HMRC off your back after lockdown?

Back at the start of lockdown HMRC investigators were re-deployed onto furloughing etc work and had to suspend all action on the current tax enquiries underway.

Working from home meant they had no access to the office and the client’s paper records they are so fond of!

As their Covid19 work diminishes, now is the time for HMRC to open their doors and let the staff back in.

But poor taxpayers who have faced the brunt of the financial burden in lockdown now have to pick up the pieces of investigations paused back in March or April.

Stress, financial losses, mental health issues will have arisen but the cases are about to be kick-started and there’s not a lot you can do alone !

If you were in the middle of an enquiry and need help to get it resolved quickly and take advantage to time to pay arrangements call me now on 07584 706664


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