“Honest as the day is long” ! Is something we all hear said about people every day! But is this true?

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One Grimsby Tax Inspector once said to me that ‘HMRC believe the self-employed can resist anything but temptation!!’ So that was a pre- conception if I’ve ever heard one!

Another saying is that ‘honesty is the best policy’ and whilst owning up early on to dodging tax is going to hurt your pocket, it can give you the cheaper outcome at the end by cutting interest and severely reducing penalty charges! It also gives you your life back and stops you looking over your shoulder for years waiting to be caught!

Not owning up has massive consequences if the taxman decides to launch a fraud investigation into your affairs and Penalties can be as much as 100% of the tax owed with a settlements potentially going back as far as 20 years in some cases.

So call me to talk as nobody ever died of embarrassment!

Higher penalties are incurred for offshore evasion matters!

Penalties can be reduced greatly for speedy and full disclosures down to NIL or perhaps 35% even in deliberate evasion cases.

Recruitment has been hiked up at HMRC with vast increases in investigators now to take on the increasing numbers of tax evaders and they may not catch you this year but have 20 years to launch the attack.

Who is in the frame!

Always the self-employed whether for their sales figures or excessive claims

Dog Breeders and other people assuming they are merely undertaking a hobby eg car boot sellers. Ebay traders, other internet site sellers like Amazon.

Landlords and second home letters and sellers not declaring all income

Those just staying under the VAT Threshold

Avoid excessive tax settlements or even criminal charges by calling Lindsay on 07584 706664 urgently if you want to chat in confidence about anything tax enquiry related, to ease your mind!

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