How long will a tax investigation take?

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How long will a tax investigation take?

The length of a tax investigation depends on the complexity of the case and the number of documents, which need to be reviewed.  Careful management by an adviser on your side in  the investigation is effective at reducing the time spent under enquiry.

Lindsay operates by responding to HMRC promptly and causing  no delays whatsoever throughout as any delays will effectively add to your penalties at the end of the case.

She takes a complete hands-on attitude to your case and as an ex tax inspector only engaged in this kind of work, will work quickly to resolve issue as she goes along. You and her will be a partnership focussed entirely on settling the case to your advantage wherever possible

So time scales run from say 3 months for a speedy resolution of an online  voluntary disclosure into say omitted Rents to 1 year for a detailed Code of Practice 9  case of deliberate tax evasion or suspected serious fraud. Either way liaison with HMRC will be  professional speedy and she will mmange the case and control it from day one.


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