Investigations under Code of Practice 8

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HMRC uses it’s Code of Practice 8 (COP8) in case where it suspects that large amounts of tax have been underpaid as a result of complex tax arrangements or tax avoidance schemes which have been implemented by a large number of taxpayers. 

These cases are worked by specialist HMRC counter avoidance teams experienced in Tax Avoidance Schemes like Film schemes , offshore trust arrangements etc  and these do not normally involve a suspicion of serious tax or VAT evasion as dealt with under Code of Practice 9.

However if you are involved in tax avoidance, HMRC may assume that fraud is also involved and lead them to open a Code 9 enquiry also.


COP 8 investigations generally focus on the gathering of large amounts of information so it is important to have an adviser on side to help prevent them overstepping the mark and abusing their limited powers.


There is no prescriptive format here as there is under COP 9, so sound advice is imperative.

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