“Man with Van” targeted by HMRC

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We’ve seen the fallout on those breeders using Petplan to insure puppies and Amazon and
Ebay traders being caught in many hundreds of tax investigations, but now HMRC seem to
have turned their attention to Any Van ! Self-employed drivers pay commission to the Any
Van platform and thus open the door for HMRC to find them!
Drivers get ready for an influx of letters arriving through the doors and call Lindsay if you
need help or to declare profits before HMRC raise that enquiry!

2. Taxman driving people into the ground!
Are you a self- employed courier or driver trying to make a meagre living from deliveries!
Have you registered as self-employed for Self Assessment
If not HMRC may be delivering to your door and not a pleasant surprise parcel!
If you are a delivery driver and receive a brown envelope with no returns policy then call
me and let’s talk about it !

3. HMRC Drive to catch van drivers
HMRC have launched a new drive to catch those working as self-employed drivers or
helpers and who obtain work from websites like Any Van!
Don’t be bullied by scaremongering tactics and do not agree to any meetings!! HMRC have
no right in law to interview you so call Lindsay today to explain your rights and obligations in
a friendly manner to put your mind at rest and answer all your questions in complete

4. Have Van will be caught!!
If you trade via online Platforms like ‘Any Van’ and pay them commission,


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