STALEMATE in my dispute or enquiry, How can I get a mediator or get HMRC to listen to me!!

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

HMRC’s  Website explains how to move a case forward if you are at Stalemate!

Ask Lindsay how to go forward best with this and achieve your goals on 07584 706664 it’s not without it’s problems!

How ADR works from HMRC’s website

A HMRC mediator who has been trained in mediation skills and techniques will work with you and the HMRC officer dealing with your case.

They will help you both explore ways to resolve your dispute, including helping you:

  • focus on the areas that need to be resolved
  • re-establish communications, if needed

They will not take over responsibility for the dispute.

What ADR can be used for

ADR can be used before and after HMRC has issued a decision that can be appealed against, and at any stage of an enquiry, including:

  • during a compliance checkwhen you are unable to reach an agreement with HMRC, or where progress in the enquiry has stalled
  • at the end of a compliance check, when a decision has been made that you can appeal against

ADR does not affect your right to appeal, or to ask for a statutory review.

Each application is considered on a case by case basis. ADR is not a statutory process and HMRC reserves the right to reject applications that we do not consider appropriate for ADR.


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