Tax Evasion – Who will be named and shamed?

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HMRC’s list of people who dodge tax – and try to cover it up – could soon be swelling as more people reach the £25,000 limit!

Only people who have evaded more than this sum since 2010 are included in the list, which names individuals and businesses guilty of deliberately dodging tax.

In some cases, evaders tried to keep millions of pounds due to the public purse but many named are small sized businesses rather than the big-time companies often seen in the press!

Hairdresser, fish and chip shop, farmer and kitchen fitter have seen their details published for all to see so how did it happen?

Simply, be deemed to have deliberately evaded over  £25,000  to be shamed by the taxman.

However, the meaning of “deliberate” can be subjective and HMRC take it to be someone who knowingly gets their tax affairs wrong.

Cases vary from the downright obvious involving false or re-created documents and concealing income in another bank account, to those less serious — so the help of an experience tax investigation specialist is to be recommended to not only save time and money but to save your face !


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