Tax savings through employee benefits

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Season ticket loan

If you are a commuter, check to see if your employer will give you a tax-free loan to buy your season ticket.

Pool cars

Use a pool carĀ for occasional business travel, if your employer provides these.

Childcare schemes and tax credits

If you are an employee and pay for childcare, ask your employer if they have a childcare scheme. Salary sacrifice childcare schemes are easy to establish and can result in substantial savings for both employees and employers. For more details see working for an employer. Child tax credits can also save you money.

Company car

If you are entitled to a company car, consider whether it would be more tax-efficient to take a cash equivalent in pay instead.

Going green

If you are changing your company car, consider a low-emissions model . These are now taxed at a lower percentage of their list price, than cars with a high CO2 rating.

Pay in to a pension scheme

Contributions to your employer’s pension scheme (including any additional voluntary contributions you make) can be made from your gross pay, before any tax is charged.


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