Tribunals are they worth the hassle and how do they work?

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Appeal to the first tier tribunal

You can appeal to the tax tribunal online.

You’ll need:

  • a scan or photo of your original notice or review conclusion letter
  • reasons for your appeal, so the judge can understand your side of the argument

You can also use this service to apply to close an enquiry.

However, the intervention of a specialist adviser even later on in the case or as a second opinion, can often prevent the need or an extremely costly tribunal process and there’s always the risk that you won’t win!

Accountants charge high fees for the huge amount of preparation work needed.

It’s worth a try to bring in a specialist with years of experience to try to intervene and achieve the outcome you desire.

Only this week I have achieved a favourable settlement for a case which was at stalemate, even after Alternative Dispute Resolution had failed to resolve it.

My speedy liaison with HMRC, using my powerful negotiating skills and tax knowledge, enabled a deal to be agreed and the case closed down for payment of a a much-reduced tax level.

Remember, HMRC do not necessarily want to go to tribunals ( in contentious matters) and the tribunal service are inundated with cases, thus causing massive delays.

Resolution may be you best way forward, unless you insist on your day in court!


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