Will I go bankrupt ?

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Not if we can:-

  1. Achieve a fair and reasonable settlement by agreement with HMRC
  2. HMRC, believe it or not, only want a fair offer and the RIGHT amount of tax – no more!
  3. Interest adds to the charges as it’s merely Commercial Restitution, meaning they treat you has having had an interest free loan from them and want the interest back to the day the tax should have been paid – there’s nothing we can do about that!
  4. Penalties can be heavy at up to 100% of the tax due, but this is all entirely negotiable and can be reduced substantially by your own good behaviours from day one

Many cases come to me part-way through and behaviour can be affected by that if you have failed to address matters in the way HMRC expect – however —

It’s never too late to take up the reins and make matters better!!

Rest assured I will never make matters worse!


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