Will I go to prison?

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Covid-19 business closures may have died down and many are back up and running and we now see the coronavirus job retention ( furlough) scheme (CJRS) being phased out.

Watch this space as we await figures of the further spread of the virus or a second wave and if HMRC will back down and re-open the furloughing scheme to limited sectors.

However where there’s a fund there’s a fraud and HMRC is starting to take up many enquiries into furloughing fraudulent claims. As it focuses on tax evasion it’s not only the CJRS they will look into but any other areas of potential fraud like undeclared income, off records employees and national minimum wage fraud.

Act now, as a voluntary disclosure will help you avoid a prosecution and HMRC may well soon offer an amnesty to those who may have mis-calculated their furloughing claims and give you an opportunity to come clean !

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